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The Story Fitz

Mike Fitzgibbons is the host of a monthly radio show for WSFI, 88.5 FM, Catholic Radio aptly titled, “The Story Fitz.” The show features guests from the sports world, and its ongoing focus will be on the good news in sports and other areas. Podcasts of the show are available directly below.  Simply click on the PODCAST links to listen to the show.



11-22-17: This episode's guest was Zach Ryan, Head Basketball Coach at Carmel Catholic High School, who shares his basketball team's community service projects, while Fitz tells some heartwarming good news Thanksgiving stories you won't want to miss. 



12-13-17: In this special episode of "Drive Time"--a fundraiser for WSFI radio station--Mike Fitzgibbons chats with Joe May and they share good news stories for the drive home.



12-21-17: This episode's guest was Bob Lyman.  They discussed building championship teams by helping young people see the champions within--a program based on stressing Christian values and making moral decisions based on being the best people athletes can be.



03-17-18: This episode's guest was Fr. Tim Anastos (Carmel '07), who was ordained last spring.  They talked about joining young people where they are--on the sports fields and gymnasiums on which they play.



01-24-18: This episode's guest was Brian Tekampe, principal of St. Gilbert in Grayslake.  They discussed healthy, positive ways to provide and participate in youth sports, along with more good news stories.

PODCAST // 05 


04-26-18: This episode's guest was Randy Oberembt, former head football coach at Knox College and former athletic director at New Trier High School.  Besides the usual dose of good news stories, this episode includes a lively, informative discussion about athletics at all levels and what positive effects sports can have on youth in a world that has changed greatly in the recent past.



05-23-18: This episode's guest was Mr. Nick Yeager. Their discussion included a look at positive forces involved in helping youth sports be a learning and fun experience for both players and coaches.



06-27-18: This episode's guest was Joe May.  This episode's discussion was about Joe's career.  They also looked at the positives an athlete and coach can take away from a life in sports.

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